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Modern Machine Company maintains an efficient and cost effective operation, with cutting edge technology in milling, drilling, and work holding products.  Modern Machine Company uses the most up to date products available to produce a quality and on time finished part.

Turning Equipment

(1) 1997 Okuma Cadet LNC8 CNC Lathe, 12” diameter x 26”

(1) 2000 Okuma LB25 II-M CNC Lathe, w/live tooling

(1) LeBlond 19” diameter x 54” with read-outs

ADMAC Okuma programming software

Vertical Milling Equipment

(1) 2014 Okuma M560-V CNC Mill – Travel 42”h x 22”v x 18”z- 15,000 RPM Spindle w/ Super NURBS

(1) 2013 Okuma 1052V-II 2050 CNC Mill – Travel 86”h x 41”v x 39”z-with Renishaw probe and high pressure through the spindle coolant

(1) 2002 Okuma MB-56VB CNC Mill – Travel 42”h x 22”v x 18”z-with Kitagawa fully programmable 4th axis, Renishaw probe checking system and thru spindle coolant

(1) 2001 Okuma MA-550VB  CNC Mill – Travel 51”h x 22”v x 22”z -12,000 RPM Spindle w/ thru spindle high pressure coolant

(1) 1996 Okuma MC-40VA CNC Mill – Travel 31”h x 15”v x 17”z

(1) 1995 Okuma MC-6VAE CNC Mill – Travel 60”h x 25”v x 29”z

(1) 1992 Okuma MC-6VA CNC Mill – Travel 48”h x 25”v x 29”z

(1) 1991 Okuma MC-4VA CNC Mill – Travel 31”h x 15”v x 17”z

(1) 1990 Okuma MC-4VA CNC Mill - Travel 31”h x 15”v x 17”z

(2) Bridgeport  Vertical Mill w/ readout,power table feed & right angle head

(1) 2002 Proto-Trak CNC Mill-Travel 32”h x 17.5v x 21z

(1) Hass dividing head w/ 13" chuck

(1) Kitagawa integrated dividing head

(2) SMW CNC Controlled Rotary Indexer

Master Cam X7 Software for 2-D and 3-D part programming

Horizontal Boring Mills

(1) Toshiba BP-110-P20 CNC Mill, 4.35” spindle – Travel 100”h x 65”v x 45”z  w/ through the spindle coolant

(1) Toshiba BTD-110-R16 CNC Mill, 4.35” spindle – Travel 78”h x 60”v x 50”w x 19”z  w/ programmable 360 degree rotary table, 60 tool A.T.C.

(1) DeVlieg 54K120 CNC Mill, 5” spindle – Travel 120”h x 72”v x 30”w x 15”z w/ full 4-axis CNC control

(1) DeVlieg  43K72 NC Mill, 4” spindle – Travel 72”h x 48”v x 20”w x 15”z w/ 36” square air powered rotary table

(1) DeVlieg  4B72 NC Mill w/Anilam Commando control,4” spindle-Travel 72”h x 48”v x 16”z     w/DeVlieg E-Table

(1) Wotan B130S Mill, 5.94” spindle – Travel 98”h x 78”v x 66”w x 36”z w/3 axis readout and 360 degree powered rotary table

Grinding Equipment

(1) Blanchard Grinder with 55” capacity, tolerances flat and parallel within .002

(1) Mattison Surface Grinder 36” x 120” tolerances flat and parallel within .0002 to .0005

(1) Mattison Surface Grinder 12” x 72” tolerances flat and parallel within .0002

(1) Okamoto Surface Grinder 16” x 32” tolerances flat and parallel within .0002

(1) Moore #3 Jig Grinder w/readout

(1) Brown & Sharpe #13 Universal Grinder

(1) Parker Majestic Surface Grinder 6” x 18” w/readout & compound magnetic sine chuck

(1) Parker Majestic Surface Grinder 6” x 18”

(1) Summit ID/OD Grinder 12” x 48”

(1) Myford ID/OD Grinder

Additional Equipment

(1) Pratt & Whitney slotter w/ rotary table

(1) Sunnen hone w/full supply of arbor & stones

(1) Dake 75 ton hydraulic arbor press

(1) DoAll continuous feed horizontal band saw

(1) DoAll vertical, contour band saw

(1) Miller tig welder

(1) Miller arc welder


Inspection Equipment

(1) Brown & Sharpe Micro Hite 600 w/ 32” travel

(1) Jones and Lambson 30” optical comparator w/quadra chek 2000 readout system

(1) Clark hardness tester

(1) 96” x 72” surface plate

(12) Surface plates assorted sizes

We have all other necessary inspection equipment such as bore mic’s, bore gages, gage pins, etc. required for the assurance of a quality product.


Modern Machine Company stocks most end mills, drills, taps, and inserts in our facility under consignment.


Modern Machine Company has a 1-ton Chevy HD 3500 Stake Truck Flatbed 15,000 GVW.


Modern Machine Company uses RealWorld / ShopWorks Software for Job Tracking, Costing, and Accounting.


If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact Gary Emede – President & Owner or Dean Emede – General Manager at 989-895-8563 or by e-mail at dean@modernmachine.biz