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Modern is able to open and integrate many different file types into Mastercam.  File formats included are:

Pro E

Continuously striving to compete with the latest technology.  These newest additions were added in 2013/2014.  Pictured is our largest vertical machining center.  86"h x 41"v x 39"z

Please see Equipment List

Examples of parts machined.

Steering Pumps, Ball Stops, Gears, Ball Nuts and Deflectors for Aircraft Applications.

One of 9 vertical machining centers integrated with 4th axis units.

Example of utilizing work holding magnets that allow machining of I.D., O.D., face work and holes without clamps.

CNC live tool turning capability.

Short multiple piece run capability on Vertical CNC Machines.

Modern utilizes state of the art tooling such as CBN and Diamond- This eliminates  grinding in applications where finishes to 8 microns are acceptable.

Example of 60" Long shaft supports with bearing diameters in line within .0005.

Modern's 79" Square rotary tables allow 4 side machining in 1 setup.

Modern has the capability to produce seal grooves in different configurations for pressure vessels, tank tops and covers.  Materials range from plastic to the toughest stainless steels.

This horizontal has a 48" x 60" programmable rotary table with full CNC control.  Machine I.D., O.D. and face work at any angle in 1 setup.

Modern houses multiple size angle plates to hold various parts on larger boring mills.

Example of a 52" base plate previously blanchard ground.

Large castings, face machined and finished bored.

Modern manufactures complete, machine columns, bases, bushing blocks, brackets, etc...  Manual rotary tables and point to point controls assist ease of manufacture.

Example of our 90 degree Head attachment for the Wotan boring mill.

Modern can remanufacture your worn parts to exact specifications.

Modern can support 55" blanchard capacity along with surface grinding of large parts (36" x 120"). .0002 to .0005 flat and parallel. See our equipment list for all of your machining specifications.

Equipment List